Antonella D'Ovidio

Antonella D'Ovidio is an associate professor at the University of Florence. She graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Florence in 2000 and obtained a PhD at the Faculty of Musicology of Cremona in 2004. She has published articles both in Italian and international magaziones on Italian instrumental music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, on the Italian opera of the Eighteenth century, on musical patronage in Florence during the seventeenth-century, on nineteenth-century Italian music criticism. She edited the critical edition of the three sonatas by Lelio Colista (A-R Editions, 2021) and the opera Didone Abbata (1747) by Niccolò Jommelli (Ets, 2015). In 2018 she won the Albi Rosenthal Visiting Fellowship in Music at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. She is a member of the editorial committee of Niccolò Jommelli's Drammi per musica series, of the scientific committee of the Musical Research Instruments series (LIM) and of the Musica / Toscana editorial series (LIM). She is part of the editorial office of the magazine "Il Saggiatore musica". She is a member of the International Musicological Society Study-Group Gender and Musical Patronage.

She is the coordinator of the Florentine research unit within the project (PRIN 2020) entitled VidiMUS- Virtuose di musica in Seventeenth-century Italy: training, careers, networks, repertoire.