Tuscan Musical Treasures is a project launched in 2000. Its aim is to study, diffuse and increase the musical heritage of Tuscany from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, with particular attention to the unpublished repertory, both instrumental and vocal. 

The project springs from the need, in the sector of ancient music, to create a more favourable comparison between theoretical speculation and standard procedure, musicological research and musical production. For these reasons, Tuscan Musical Treasures develops as a multi-layered and broad cultural project, made up of the encounter among the different experiences and researches of musicians, musicologists, theatre and entertainment historians. The purpose is to study the music of composers who are Tuscan - for birth or for studies - inserting them in the context of the relationships between Tuscany and the most important centres in the Renaissance and Baroque musical Europe.

The activities of the project follow five main guidelines:

  • Musicological research

  • Index of musical heritage

  • Education and popularization of music 

  • Production

  • Diffusion

Inside this website there is a big musical database with lots of instruments and informations for researchers, musicians and amateurs. 

Most of the performing and discographical activities of Auser Musici is dedicated to rediscover the Tuscan Musical Heritage.

Every year the Early Music Tuscan Festival offers to thousands of people the possibility of listen to performances that bring from the past some precious musical pages that lay in some biblioteque or private collection.

TMT also organizes meetings, masterclasses, conferences, and produces publications and cds.

Tuscan Musical Treasures is sponsored by Fondazione Pisa.